Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I last posted a blog as I’ve had the craziest past few months ever !! You know when you get super busy and bombarded with life and business and you reckon it could not get ANY more hectic… then everything kicks into SuperDrive… well that’s where I’ve been hiding my self for the last few months!!

Over the last few months I’ve been dealing with recovering from some health issues and at the same time smashing through my business goals. I was worried that my health/ taking a step (or half a step) back from the business would be detrimental. But I feel it has just given me a new fight and drive to life, my responsibilities and the business. While I was unwell I was also given huge opportunities like collaborating with my friends at Zoratto enterprises, Wilton cakes and even with spotlight stores Australia! This was so so refreshing and looking back at these opportunities allowed me to see how if you seriously love what you do and have that passionate drive behind you, you are sure to succeed. I’m truly grateful for all my clients and all the opportunities I’ve been given this year and I intend to keep striving for greater.

However on the above note I want to leave you guys with a few tips or insider notes that I’ve learnt over the last 9 months.
1. Don’t despise the process- if you find yourself in a situation you don’t really love or are stuck in a never ending rut and cant see any glimpse of hope… DON’T GIVE UP! Search for your passion you had when you first started, hold tight to it and don’t let anything dull your joy. Sometimes we need to go through the harder times to a). Appreciate what we have in front of us and b). To shuffle out/ spring clean the negative or problematic areas in your ‘dealings’ (trying to make this point really applicable to all so take it and apply it in your situations whether personal, business, dreams, etc.)
2. Take small steps !! -If you are feeling so overwhelmed and cant get past step 1 then take a breather, write down your dreams and aspirations, and then from that …set yourself REALISTIC goals. After you’ve done that, then break it down even further, to monthly tasks, weekly task or even daily tasks you need to do to set yourself up with the best possible chances to achieve your goals. If you don’t quite achieve one because you run into a speed bump or you have health complications like me, don’t beat yourself up. Evolve and mark out another road, you are in control of your goals… if you never set a map, you will never get to your destination- or it might take you a long long long long time.
3. Surround yourself with supportive people!- if you can, get networking!!! Find people with like goals… get people in your circle who love to encourage you and cheer you on ! These people are going to make a world of difference come the trials and tastings of life!!!
4. Believe in yourself – I don’t need to explain this one ! Just re-read it over and over and ver again until it truly sinks in, then marinate on it… and then once you’ve been soaking in tip number 4… let me tell you .. You ARE enough! You HAVE got this! I BELIEVE in YOU ! Yes YOU!!

I cant believe its already august, spring is around the corner… my fruit trees are starting to bud and bloom… warmer weather is ahead of us (YAY)! (But not so yay for us cake decorators)! I’m so so so soooo excited for Christmas !
I also decided on a blog name… get ready for it !!! *drum rollllllllll* ‘the zealous baker’.
I like it! Do you guys approve ? If you have any better suggestions leave them in the comments section below if not this one is sticking around for good.
If any of the above resonated with you, let us know, leave a comment.. or if you wanna chat, send us an email.. let get networking… believing in each others dreams and goals !

Xx Sugar Momma